Updated: Easy Ways To Canada This 2021

It is generally not very easy to enter Canada, especially if it is the first time you have applied for a visa, but each year many people enter the country by different means and for different reasons.

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There are different ways and steps to get easy access to Canada. Although the simplest ways are not very easy for some people, especially if you are not rich.

If you don't have specific skills or business innovation and you're not an artist, getting a visa or immigration could cost you a lot of money.

If you qualify as a business investor or businessman, there is an immigration program that allows you to immigrate to Canada easily permanently.

If you are a skilled worker, you are qualified for the express entry program, but also for the category of independents such as farmers, artists, etc.

But the big question then is how to settle in Canada with lower fees. Is Canada turning its back on the average citizen?

There are other easy ways to enter the country as an average person. Most of the options listed fall under the category of temporary residence in Canada, but can be converted to permanent residence over time if you qualify.

remember that you can temporarily relocate to Canada with the type of visa listed below and still change your status to permanent resident status. visas include



Visitor visa
With this visa, you can enter Canada and visit places, family and friends. But you can't work or accept a job offer.

This means that you have to return to your country and enter Canada for another reason.

But you can apply for a vacation visa in Canada to visit the country and see its most beautiful places. And while you're at it, look for a job and an employer that's ready to sponsor you when you get back to Canada.

Working Holiday Visa or International Experience Canada:
Those from selected countries or countries that have agreements with Canada can use this program to work in Canada without first receiving a job offer.

You can enter the country with an open work permit, but you must be between 18 and 35 years old.

This is the case in some countries:
South Korea
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
Costa Rica
Hong Kong

The three types of programs for the CIS are:

Working Holiday Program
young professionals program
Co-Op Program
How to get a Canadian work permit with job offer
Getting a job offer in Canada from abroad can also be a short circuit for you. It is accessible to qualified, semi-skilled and unqualified people.

If you are qualified, experienced or trained, you can apply for professional jobs in Canada that match your skills.

If you are semi-skilled or have no skills, you can also apply for a less professional job in Canada.

There are so many jobs in Canada that are also very rewarding. With a job offer from a Canadian employer and a letter of confirmation, you could easily move to Canada.

Trade agreement
Some countries have a trade agreement with Canada that allows companies in those countries that have branches, subsidiaries or parent companies in Canada to transfer their employees to Canada, which we call an intra-company transfer.




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