General Information About Canada Visa Application Fees

Canada Visa Application

Applicants applying for a Canada visa in Canada must pay a mandatory visa application fee if they apply online or in person.

Each Canadian visa has its own fee. You pay for the application fee and other fees to get your visa. However, these fees vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and are not refundable. The different types of Canadian visas are :

temporary visitor’s fees;
permanent residence fees;
family sponsorship fees;
citizenship fees;
Other application and service fees
Fees relating to the application for a temporary residence visa
The Temporary Resident Visa applies to applicants who are coming to Canada for a short period of time, i.e. for visits, tourism, studies, supervision, temporary work in Canada, etc.

The visa fee for a student visa is slightly different from that of a visitor or tourist visa. However, for each type of visa you apply for and the number of people applying, other fees, such as biometric fees and more, are required.

Below are the fees for different visas.


Canada Visa Type
Charges in $CAN

Canada Visitor Visa Fee for one personCanada Visitor Visa Fee for 5 or more persons (this is usually a family visa, and to be eligible, the entire family must be applying at the same time)



Electronic Travel Authorization Application Fee

Work Permit Application Fee for one person

Work Permit Application Fee for more than 2 performing artists applying at the same time.


The fee to Restore your work permit status




$200 restoration fee and a new work permit fee of $155

Study permit application fee for one person

The fee to Restore your work permit status


$200 restoration fee and a new work permit fee of $150



Biometric fees for Visa Canada :GO to Next Page to SEE MORE INFO




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