General Information About Canada Visa Application Fees

One of the requirements that the embassy officials ask you for is your biometrics. This process is very important to obtain a Canadian visa, and it is not free. A biometric fee covers the cost of a digital photo and fingerprints.

When you submit your visa application through a Visa Application Centre (VAC), the fee you pay covers the cost of VAC services, which include verifying the completion of an application, sending the application to the visa authority, transferring passports and supporting documents to the visa authority on entry and origin, and follow-up requests made online;


Canada Visa Type
Charges in $CAN

Biometrics Fee for one person

Biometrics Fee for Family members of 2 or more persons


Biometrics Fee for 3 or more performing artists






Visa fee for permanent residence :

Applicants who can apply for a visa for permanent residence have only their permanent residence in Canada. It allows them to settle permanently and travel to Canada at any time. The fee to obtain this type of visa is much higher than a temporary resident visa, and the requirements are also different.

The permanent visa fee is paid if your application has been approved or if government officials inform you of the payment and it is not refundable.



After you have obtained your permanent resident status, you will have to get yourself a permanent resident card.

Canada Visa Type
Charges in $CAN

Permanent resident visa fees for one person

Permanent Resident Card (If you lost your card you will also pay this amount to retrieve it)



Business Immigrant Visa Fees


Business or investor visas are treated quite differently compared to the other type of visas, and they are also expensive. The following group of people is under the business immigrant’s category:

  1. Self-employed;
  2. Quebec Business Immigrants;
  3. Start-up Visa;
Canada Visa Type
Charges in $CAN

Permanent resident visa fees (for one investor or business person)

Permanent residence visa application fee that includes a spouse or common-law partner.


Application Fee That includes a Dependent Child

$1,050 is the Application processing fee with an additional right to a permanent resident fee of $490

$550 application charge and the additional right to permanent residence fee of $490




Economic Immigration Visa

Economic immigration is for the class of people who intend to live and work permanently in Canada, according to their abilities. They fall under the following categories:

Atlantic Immigration Pilot;
management personnel;
Canadian Experience Class;
federal skilled trade;
skilled federal workers;
Quebec-selected skilled workers;
provincial nominee;
express entry;


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