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We were once just like you, browsing through hundreds and hundreds of pages of multiple websites to learn how to get to Canada. We were fortunate enough to make our dream come true, just with some determination and patience.

Each year, Canada welcomes 400,000 newcomers to settle and make Canada their temporary or permanent home. And you can be one of them! With the right help and guidance, you can be part of a country that celebrates immigration and diversity.

This is exactly what we offer here, for free. We have created a network that offers objective, independent advice and guidance on all aspects of your move to Canada, either for work, studies or just to visit. We have created articles on each of these categories that contain all the information you need: eligibility, application procedures, required forms and documentation, processing times, fees, etc.

We also provide advice on your before landing and after landing experience, what to do and what not to do, to make your journey easier. We provide up-to-date news on Canadian immigration through our social media. And on Facebook, our community of Admins and members will be glad to help.